One of the most popular features of the annual conference is our bookstore. PSWA members are invited to supply their books for sale.

You can bring your books with you, or ship them ahead to

Keith Bettinger:
9669 Vista Crest Ave.
Las Vegas NV 89148-4649

For the 2015 conference, books must arrive at Keith’s by June 30, 2015.

If you bring your books with you to the conference, they should be delivered to the bookstore sales table in the conference meeting room on the first morning of the conference.

Each book for sale must have a 3×5 card inserted, bearing the following information:

  • Book title
  • Author’s name (and your true name if you use a pseudonym)
  • Mailing address
  • Sale price

Example:Bookstore card








The card can be printed or handwritten, but it must be easily legible.

The “sale price” is the price for the conference bookstore, regardless of the price that may be on the book. Set the price as you wish. The PSWA will deduct a 15% commission from the sale price. The rest will be sent to you.

You are responsible for gathering any unsold copies and shipping or otherwise carrying them home with you as soon as the conference is concluded. None of the conference staff are prepared to box and ship your books for you. There is a business center at the hotel, on the same floor as our conference room, that can assist you with shipping. Books that are not collected will be disposed of as we find convenient.

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