Writing Contest 2012 Winners

Grand Prize
Lonni Lees, The Confessor
Book, Non-Fiction, Published
First Place: Jeff Kaye, Beware of the Cable Guy, From Cop to Serial Killer
Second Place: Volitta Fritsche, Deadly Decisions
Third Place: Mark Bouton, How to Spot Lies Like the FBI
Honorable Mention: Rick Reed, Blood Trail
Book, Fiction, Non-Published
First Place: John Madinger, Village Money
Second Place: M.M. Gornell, Lies of Convenience
Third Place: Jim Guigli, Under the Black Flag
Third Place: Thornie Hevron, Probable Cause
Honorable Mention: J.L. Greger, Coming Flu
Honorable Mention: J.L. Greger, Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight
Book, Fiction, Published
First Place: Lonni Lees, Deranged
Second Place: Susan Connell Vondrak, No Evidence of a Crime
Third Place: Honora Finkelstein and Susan Smily, Walk-In
Third Place: Rick Reed, The Cruelest Cut
Book, Non-Fiction, Non-Published
First Place: Jerry L. Jennings and Jack A. Apsche,
Dark Journey Inside the Letters of Gary M. Heidnik
Second Place: John Patterson, Traumatized
Creative-Technical, Non-Fiction, Non-Published
First Place: Dave Cropp, The Theory and Practice of Collaborations in Law Enforcement
Creative-Technical, Non-Fiction, Published
First Place: John Bellah, Los Angeles Sheriff 2011 Vehicle Tests
Second Place: John Bellah, Granny’s Nemesis
Poetry, Published
First Place: Honora Finkelstein, Rain Dancer
Poetry, Non-Published
First Place: Keith Bettinger, Welcome Home
Second Place: John Wills, Trapped
Third Place: Keith Bettinger, Our Old Toys
Honorable Mention: John Wills, True Blue
Screenplay, Non-Published
First Place: Amy Sue Michalik, Half a Life
Second Place: Jack Miller, Desperate Actions
Third Place: Johnny Russell, Their Presence
Fiction, Short Story, Non-Published
First Place: Dave Cropp, Hammett’s Boxers
Second Place: John Wills, The Riverfront
Fiction, Short Story, Published
First Place: Quintin Peterson, Round Midnight
Second Place: Lonnie Lees, The Blue-Eyed Bandit
Third Place: John Bray, The Sergeants’ Club
Technical Manual, Non-Fiction, Non-Published
First Place: John Wills, PRISim Instructor Training Manual
Technical Manual, Non-Fiction, Published
First Place: Glenn French, Police Tactical Life Saver
Second Place: John Bellah, Recognizing Fraudulent Identification Documents
Creative Non-Technical, Non-Published
First Place: Dave Cropp, Winky-Dinky
Second Place: Dave Cropp, Spy
Third Place: Michelle Perin, A Dispatcher, A Wife
Honorable Mention: John Poglinco, A Bystander’s Dilemma
Flash Fiction, Non-Published
First Place: John Wills, Bullfrog Lake
Second Place: John Wills, Valentine Dispatcher
Third Place: Kathleen A. Ryan, A Spontaneous Risk
Honorable Mention: Susan Smiley, Making Tracks
Flash Fiction, Published
First Place: Lonni Lees, The Confessor