2013 PSWA Writing Competition Results

Fiction Book Non-Published
First Kurt Kamm Hazardous Material
Second John Wills The Year Without Christmas: A Novel
Third Patrick Linder Ghost Music
Honorable Mention Gloria Casale Pandemic
Fiction Book Published
First Honora Finkelstein and Susan Smily The Reporter Who Died Probing
First Ilene Schneider Unleavened Dead
Second Bill Chipman Last Seen in the Caribbean
Third David Knop Mining Sacred Ground
Honorable Mention Maria Larsen Protect & Serve: K-9 Policewoman
Honorable Mention Jim Guigli Bad News for a Ghost
Fiction Flash Non-Published
First John Wills “The Van”
Second John Wills “Black Mask”
Honorable Mention LR Swenson “The Firefighter and the Princess”
Fiction Flash Published
First Kathleen Ryan “Ten Cents”
Fiction Short Story Non-Published
First Gavin Keenan “An Unsheltered Life”
Second J.L. Greger “Shoes”
Third David Cropp “The Gunman”
Honorable Mention Henry Hack “Larry Beers”
Fiction Short Story Published
First Quintin Peterson “Rock Bottom”
Second Lonni Lees “Dementia Pubilistica”
Third Quintin Peterson “Guarding Shakespeare”
Non-Fiction Book Non-Published
Second Pete Klismet FBI Diary: Field Profiler
Non-Fiction Book Published
First Ronald D. Corbin Beyond Recognition
Second Andrew Borrello Police Promotion Super Course
Third Maria Larsen When It Reigns, It Pours: Dog Tales
Honorable Mention Keith Bettinger Murders In McHenry
Non-Fiction Creative Non-Technical Non-Published
First Ronald D. Corbin “Shadows of the Heart”
Second Honora Finkelstein and Susan Smily “Angel Flights and Female Firefighters”
Third Jackie Taylor Zortman “Amache”
Honorable Mention Joseph Haggerty Sr. “On the Job Training”
Non-Fiction Creative Non-Technical Published
First John Wills “Why I Became a Cop”
Second Andrew Borrello “The Power of Police Civility”
Third Jackie Taylor Zortman “Siege at Cortez”
Non-Fiction Creative Technical Published
First John Bellah “Investigation Un-Intended Acceleration Issues”
Second John Bellah “Los Angeles Sheriff Tests 2012 Police Vehicles”
Third John Bellah “LAPD Upfits Tahoe”
Poetry Non-Published
First John Wills Blue Pride
Second John Wills Why
Third Joseph Haggerty Sr. Night Patrol
Poetry Published
First Joseph Haggerty Sr. Why Wasn’t I There?