Felons, Flames and Ambulance Rides

Felons, Flames & Ambulance RidesFelons Flames Ambulance cover

Stories by and about America’s public safety heroes

Written by members of the Public Safety Writers Association

Edited by Marilyn Olsen

In 1995, New York State Police Captain Roger Fulton had an idea. He knew from personal experience that police officers really liked telling stories. He also knew that a lot of civilians really liked writing about what police officers did. So, why not get them together? The result was the Police Writers Club that included both officers and writers and offered an annual conference and writing competition.

Five years later, a group of the club’s members published CopTales 2000, an anthology that included the works of contest winners and submissions by other members. Soon, the club began to attract not just police officers but aspiring writers from a wide variety of public safety affiliations, as well as civilians who wrote in a wide variety of genres.

In 2007, to better reflect the composition of its membership, the club changed its name to the Public Safety Writers Association (PSWA), and is now a national organization providing its membership with an annual writing conference, a writing competition and multiple opportunities to collaborate, creating the stories all love to tell. Felons, Flames & Ambulance Rides: Stories by and about America’s Public Safety Heroes is an anthology containing the works of members of PSWA.

Table of Contents


  • Tear Down these Walls–Ron Leonard
  • Tears on the Wall–Joseph B. Haggerty, Sr.
  • Wolf Warriors–Bob Haig


  • Bullfrog Lake–John M. Wills
  • Deceived–Dave Cropp
  • Johnny Walker–Thonie Hevron
  • Loved to Death–Jackie Taylor Zortman
  • Missing on the Beach–Joseph B. Haggerty, Sr.
  • One Foot in the Black–Kurt Kamm
  • Quake Prince–Steve Scarborough
  • The Confessor–Lonni Lees
  • The Detective–Ken Decker
  • The Divorce–Bob Doerr
  • The Donation–Wendy Gager
  • The Guns of Pierre–Joseph B. Haggerty, Sr.
  • The Heavy Silver Star–John H. Morgan
  • The Perfect Crime–Jack Miller
  • The Runaway–Volitta Fritsche
  • Thug’s Brew–Quintin Peterson
  • Seattle Mourn–Lisa Swenson
  • We Hardly Knew Ye–Emily Simerly


  • A Hobo Buys a Hospital–H. M. Trebor
  • Beeler’s Fog Monster–Bob Haig
  • Close Encounters of the Cop Kind–Ron Corbin
  • Dinner Service Murder–Duane Preimsberger
  • Scuba King–Duane Preimsberger
  • Sheriff’s Sergeant Grandpa Herb–Duane Preimsberger
  • Should Have Kept the Front Door Locked–H. M. Trebor
  • Space Aliens–Duane Preimsberger
  • Murphy’s Law–Volitta Fritsche
  • Waldo the Talking Duck–Duane Preimsberger

Life on the Job

  • Divine Intervention–Joseph B. Haggerty, Sr.
  • Gray Mail–John Bray
  • Life on Two Tracks–Michael Black
  • Making Tracks–Honora Finkelstein and Susan Smily

Not from Around Here

  • Is Heaven in Cyberspace?–Keith Bettinger
  • Tiger Stadium Fire–Bob Haig
  • The Journey Home–Marti Colvin
  • With a Little Help from my Friend–Barbara Hodges

Personality Profile

  • Burning Desire–Gavin Keenan
  • Dying with Honor–Volitta Fritsche
  • It’s Another Day that God Cried–Joseph B. Haggerty, Sr.
  • It’s Nice to Come Home–Ron Leonard
  • Memoriam–Jackie Taylor Zortman
  • Nightlights–Gavin Keenan
  • Scars of the Heart–Keith Bettinger
  • Shoes–J.L. Greger
  • Sick Kids and Carson Cops–Duane Preimsberger
  • Something Shiny–Mysti Berry
  • Thank you, Teresa–Bob Cohen
  • The Last Run of Psychodog–Tim Dees
  • The Majestic Ballroom–Ellen Kirschman
  • The Nightstand–John M. Wills
  • Trapped–John M. Wills
  • Unspoken Promises–Glenn French
  • Where the Devil Dances–Michelle Perin

Felons, Flames & Ambulance Rides is available for purchase from Amazon.com.