2014 Writing Competition Results

Fiction Book, Published
First Place Mike Worley Entitlement
Second Place Virgil Alexander Saints & Sinners
Third Place Sharon Arthur Moore Mission Impastable
Honorable Mention Michael Walton Apok
Fiction Book, Non-Published
First Place Jackie Taylor Zortman Footprints in the Frost
Second Place J.L. Greger False Pride
Third Place John Gallagher Pipe Dreams
Thonie Hevron Intent to Hold
Honorable Mention David Freedland Lincoln 9
John Schembra Sin Eater
Non-Fiction Book, Published
First Place Robert Mark Haig Ten Little Police Chiefs
Non-Fiction Book, Non-Published
First Place Agent X FBI Animal House
Flash Fiction, Published
First Place Ilene Schneider Perfect
Second Place Lonnie Lees The Wishing Well
Flash Fiction, Non-Published
First Place David Cropp The Apple Pie Tragedy
Fiction Short Story, Published
First Place Ilene Schneider Miami Snow
Second Place Quintin Petersen Thug’s Brew
Third Place Kathleen Ryan A Primal Force
Honorable Mention Sam Bradley Dr. Quinn and the Medicine Man
Fiction Short Story, Non-Published
First Place Duane Preimsberger Hangman
Second Place Sharon Arthur Moore The Bloody Knife
Third Place Duane Preimsberger The Case of the Missing Police Car
Honorable Mention Barbara Hodges The Lost Hour
Non-Fiction Creative Non-Technical, Published
First Place Evan Wagner Cops & Holiday DUIs
Second Place Jackie Taylor Zortman Just Routine
Third Place Laura Cooper Body Cams: An Instant Replay for Law Enforcement
Non-Fiction Creative Non-Technical, Non-Published
First Place Ronald Corbin A Knock at the Door
Second Place Duane Preimsberger Old Broken Toe
Third Place David Cropp Out to Pasture
Honorable Mention Jackie Taylor Zortman In God We Trust
Non-Fiction Creative Technical, Published
First Place John Weinstein How to Improve Situational Awareness on Campus
Second Place John Bellah NHP-CHP Cooperative Upfitting
Third Place John Weinstein Dealing with Difficult People: 10 Tips for Diffusing Toxic Situations
Honorable Mention John Bellah Fleet Management Tips
Poetry, Non-Published
First Place Joseph Haggerty, Sr. A Buck or Two
Second Place John Wills The Sheepdog
Third Place Joseph Haggerty, Sr. Disclose
Screenplay, Non-Published
First Place Jack Miller Retribution