2015 Writing Competition Results

Fiction Book, Published
First Place J.L. Greger Malignancy
First Place Lonni Lees The Corpse in the Cactus
Second Place J.K. Royce PILZ
Third Place John M. Wills Healer
Fiction Book, Non-Published
First Place Ellen Kirschman The Right Wrong Thing
Second Place Ed Traylor The Crossing
Third Place William Fleming Code Black
Honorable Mention Albert vande Steeg The Black Band
Non-Fiction Book, Published
First Place Kate Flora Death Dealer: How Cops and Cadaver Dogs Brought a Killer to Justice
Second Place Adam Plantiga 400 Things Cops Know
Third Place Karen Solomon Hearts Beneath the Badge
Honorable Mention Pete Klismet FBI Animal House
Non-Fiction Book, Non-Published
First Place Pete Klismet FBI Diary: Home Grown Terror
Short Story, Published
First Place Gavin Keenan The Letters of Patrick Bushell
Second Place Quintin Petersen Damaged Goods
Short Story, Non-Published
First Place David Cropp Sushi with Jack the Ripper
Second Place Joseph Haggerty, Jr. A Father’s Honor
Third Place George Cramer Why Me?
Honorable Mention David Cropp Vegas, Interrupted
Non-Fiction Creative Non-Technical, Non-Published
First Place Jackie Taylor Zortman The Beginning and the End
Second Place Joseph Haggerty, Sr. Justice Undone
Third Place Ron Corbin Go FISH
Honorable Mention Jackie Taylor Zortman The Ride to Hell’s Fire River
Non-Fiction Creative Technical, Published
First Place David Cropp Domestic Violence Prevention & Investigation
Second Place John Bellah LASD Vehicle tests
Third Place John Weinstein 8 Trends that Will Shape Policing in the Next 50 Years
Non-Fiction Creative Technical, Non-Published
First Place Ron Corbin It’s Just a Matter of Time
Flash Fiction, Non-Published
First Place John M. Wills Monica’s Surprise
Poetry, Non-Published
First Place Ron Corbin Tell My Wife I Love Her
Second Place John M. Wills Goodbye
Third Place Joseph Haggerty, Sr. Working the Street 24-7-365
Honorable Mention John M. Wills First Responders
Poetry, Published
First Place Joseph Haggerty, Sr. To Live and Die in DC
Screenplay, Non-Published
First Place Holli Herrle-Castillo Proclivity