Conference Featured Speakers

We’re excited about the featured speakers joining us for the 2017 Conference! They’re speaking on a variety of craft and marketing topics. Register today to hear these wonderful experts.

Marketing Your Book(s)

photo of Marcia Rosen

Marcia Rosen

Book marketing strategies are an ever-changing challenge for authors with traditional options available such as book signings to an endless array of social media opportunities. What’s right for you? How to reach your best target markets? So much depends on who you are, your energies, financials, even your comfort level. As authors we are inundated with online promotions to promote and sell our books. Many are not worth the time or money. Sometimes it feels like we’re being asked to sell our souls in order to sell our books. Not a good idea.

This presentation at the July, 2017 Public Safety Writer’s Association Conference in Las Vegas, will provide you with your own Marketing Workbook to use as a guide and resource.

There will be a section for you to develop your own plan. Ample time will be allotted for Q&A and input on ideas you’ve found worked for you.

Marcia Rosen, writing as: Glenda Rosen “Dying To Be Beautiful” Mystery Series |


The Key to Pitching Your Book in Hollywood

image of Jory Rosen

Jory Rosen

Jory Rosen, president of the highly regarded Los Angeles public relations firm, J. Rosen Communications, gives you a crash course in what it take to promote your work in today’s competitive marketplace. For over 20 years, Jory’s firm, which is based in Los Angeles, has set the tone for strong, innovative, and successful campaigns, while providing a flexibility and level of personal client service rarely seen in the industry.

Jory has run numerous successful ventures through a combination of advertising, branding, and direct response marketing. His experience, successful business ventures, and well-known client list speaks for itself. Check out his website for more details:

Writing and Editing Your Mystery

Photo of Mar Preston

Mar Preston

Mar Preston, the author of two police procedural series and a four-volume how-to book on writing, shares the secrets of her success in her dynamic presentation, “Writing and Editing Your Mystery.” This comprehensive overview of writing and polishing your novel takes you through the complete writing process, from beginning, middle, and end and provides a comprehensive overview and explanation of the underlying structure of the mystery novel.

Find out what it takes to get started writing, devise a plot, craft an unforgettable sleuth, devise interesting characters–and when the going gets tough and you’re thinking you’re spent–to come up with the grit and determination to cross that finish line and finish your novel.
Yes, you can turn that blazing idea into a wonderfully crafted crime fiction novel.

CPTED…Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Photo of Ron Corbin

Ron Corbin

What do the first cave dwellers, the Anasazi Indians, and your home or business all have in common? Is there really such a thing as “crime prevention,” and can it be controlled through behavior modification? CPTED, commonly pronounced “SEP-ted,” is a philosophy involving a multi-disciplinary approach to deterring criminal behavior through environmental design. Its strategies are based upon the ability to influence offender decisions that precede criminal acts.

Some collegiate schools of architecture and criminal justice programs teach CPTED as a full semester course. Retired LAPD and esteemed law enforcement instructor, Ron Corbin, will discuss these primary strategies and give a brief overview of this rarely known concept of crime prevention, so that you can leave with a basic understanding of CPTED.

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