2016 Writing Competition Winners

Fiction Book, Published
First Place J.L. Greger Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight
Second Place John Taylor OIS: Officer Involved Shooting
Third Place Nick Chiarkas Weepers
Honorable Mention J.L. Greger I Saw You in Beirut
Fiction Book, Non-Published
First Place Bruce O’Rourke Helicopter Hayes
First Place Gloria Casale Bioterror: The Essential Threat
Third Place Thonie Hevron With Malice Aforethought
Honorable Mention Kurt Kamm The Lizard’s Tale
Non-Fiction Book, Published
First Place Victoria Newman A Marriage in Progress
Second Place Kate Flora A Good Man with a Dog
Third Place Karen Solomon The Price They Pay
Honorable Mention John Eldridge Second Careers for Street Cops
Fiction Short Story, Non-Published
First Place Jim Guigli Blood on the Stairs
Second Place Gavin Keenan Unguarded Moments
Third Place Barbara Hodges Legacy
Honorable Mention Michael Brandt Whine & Wine
Creative Non-Technical, Published
First Place Jackie Taylor Zortman Memoriam
Second Place David Cropp Not ‘just the facts’: How cops can effectively communicate
Third Place Joseph Padilla The Shells We Wear
Honorable Mention Jackie Taylor Zortman The Legacy of a Fallen Comrade
Creative Technical, Published
First Place John Bellah The Vehicle Speaks
Second Place John Bellah LASD 2015 Police Vehicle Tests
Creative Non-Technical, Non-Published
First Place Ron Corbin When Pigs Fly
Creative Technical Non-Published
First Place John Bellah Hurlbut PBSC
Poetry, Non-Published
First Place Joseph Haggerty Sr. Walking a Beat
Second Place Joseph Haggerty Sr. My Smokey Mountain Woman



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