Writing Competition Winners 2017

Fiction Book, Published
First Place Mar Preston The Most Dangerous Species
First Place Barry W. Ozeroff Bad Apple
Second Place Kate Flora Led Astray
Third Place Ellen Kirschman The Fifth Reflection
Honorable Mention Bob Calkins Digger
Fiction Book, Unpublished
First Place Lynn Hesse Another Kind of Hero
Second Place Sam Bradley The Sacrifice of the Phoenix
Third Place John Schembra Blood Debt
Honorable Mention Jackie Taylor Zortman Snow Angel
Non-Fiction Book, Published
First Place J. Andre Boles & Ron Hutchinson Piercing the LionHeart
Second Place Robert L. Bryan (Robert L. Jestic) C-Case
Third Place Robert L. Bryan (Robert L. Jestic) Dark Knights
Non-Fiction Book, Unpublished
First Place Scott Decker Recounting the Anthrax Attacks
Fiction Short Story, Published
Honorable Mention Vicki Weisfeld Burning Bright
Fiction Short Story, Unpublished
First Place John Wills Monica’s Surprise
Second Place Ron Corbin If My Badge Could Talk
Second Place Bob Martin The Keys to Understanding
Third Place Jim Guigli Looking for Mishka
Honorable Mention Sharon Moore Reunion for Two
Flash Fiction, Published
First Place Joe Haggerty Home Fires
Second Place Mar Preston Impulse Control
Flash Fiction, Unpublished
First Place Ron Corbin Alone
Second Place Dave Cropp The Set Up
Flash Non-Fiction, Unpublished
Special Award Bob Martin The Last Job
Creative Non-Technical, Published
First Place John Wills You’re a Liar
Second Place Joseph Padilla Revisiting My Brother’s Death
Creative Non-Technical, Unpublished
First Place Joe Haggerty Holiday Murders
Second Place Joe Haggerty You’ll Never Make the Case
Creative Technical, Published
First Place John M. Weinstein Should We Allow Armed CCP Holders on Campus?
Second Place John Bellah Alternate Energy and Fuels
Third Place John M. Weinstein Active Incident Training: Preparing for the Future Threat
Honorable Mention John Bellah LAPD Tests Tesla and BMW Electric Vehicles
Special Award Mar Preston Writing Your First Mystery
Technical Manual
First Place John Bellah Ohio Highway Patrol Investigator’s Manual on Identity Theft
Poetry, Unpublished
First Place Joe Haggerty The Heroes of 7D
Second Place Ron Corbin Academy Graduation Day
Third Place John Wills Our Hearts
Honorable Mention Joe Haggerty The Dope Boys