Writing Competition Winners 2018

Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of the 2018 PSWA Writing Award winners.

Fiction Book, Published
First Place Thonie Hevron With Malice Aforethought
First Place Robert Jestic The Last Day
Second Place Barbara Hodges Hounded by Death
Second Place Rena Winters Holy Cause: Target America
Third Place Rena Winters and Robert Crowley The Man with Evil Eyes
Honorable Mention K.L. Peacock Don’t Shoot the Messenger
Honorable Mention Marcia Rosen Dead in Bed
Fiction Book, Unpublished
First Place Lonnie Lees Broken
Second Place David Freedland The Pepper Tree
Third Place Vinnie Hansen Craze
Honorable Mention Janice Badel (Satori) Murder by All Means
Non-Fiction Book, Published
First Place Victoria Newman A Chip on My Shoulder
Second Place Maureen Boyle Shallow Graves: The Hunt for the New Bedford Highway Serial Killer
Third Place Scott Decker  Recounting the Anthrax Attacks
Honorable Mention  Robert Jestic  Impaired Driving Shattered Lives
Short Story, Published
First Place John Bellah Dumb Crook
Second Place John Bellah Off Duty
Short Story, Unpublished
First Place James Guigli Always Rings Twice
Second Place James Guigli Just a Dream
Second Place Joe Haggerty Murder at MIT
Third Place Joe Haggerty Tagging Death
Flash Fiction, Unpublished
First Place Ron Corbin They Kneel
Second Place Ron Corbin Neon Lights, Deadly Sights, Daring Knights
Creative Technical, Published
Third Place John Bellah Oldsmobile Police Cars
Creative Technical, Unpublished
First Place Ron Corbin It’s Not the Gun
Second Place John Bellah Auto Fraud
Honorable Mention Ron Corbin Coloring Outside the Lines
Creative Non-technical, Published
First Place Keith Bettinger The Lonely Wheelchair
Second Place Keith Bettinger Why I Became a Cop
Third Place Keith Bettinger The Tragedy in L.V.
Honorable Mention Joe Haggerty Why Do They Have Guns
First Place Jason Brett Moore The Heartbreak
Second Place Joe Haggerty How They Lived
Third Place Ron Corbin Real Heroes Stand before Kneeling
Honorable Mention Ron Corbin Neon Lights, Deadly Sights