Conference Featured Speakers

Michael A. Black has organized another great lineup of Featured Speakers for the 2020 Conference!

True Crime: From Publication to Premiere

Ever wonder how the story behind the headlines of a crime story makes it to TV? Rannah Gray will tell you how she turned her involvement in an international criminal investigation into an award-winning book, Familiar Evil, and the premiere episode of a prime-time TV series. She’ll cover the importance of framing a true crime story, promoting your book, submitting for awards, finding your audience through speaking opportunities and working with producers to stay true to your story.

photo of Rannah Grey

Rannah Grey


Write Better; Draft, Rewrite, and Edit

When people ask “How can I improve my writing” Austin Camacho thinks of a number of fundamentals an author should focus on as they write. But one thing that’s not obvious is that where a writer’s focus should be depends on what stage of the process he is in. Your process for writing a first draft is different from rewriting or editing a work. Austin Camacho will show you what you should focus on at each stage.

photo of Austin Camacho

Austin Camacho

Unknown to Bestseller: One Writer’s Story

At the 2009 meeting of the Public Safety Writers Association, an unknown author named Mike Orenduff showed up bearing copies of a first novel with the unlikely title of The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras. Ten years later, the 8th book in the Pot Thief series, The Pot Thief Who Studied Edward Abbey, garnered a starred review from Publishers Weekly and sold over 10,000 copies before it even hit the streets. Orenduff has on 4 occasions been the number one best seller on the site, not only in the in the mystery category, but on the entire site. Join us for Orenduff’s presentation as he explains how a writer can go from unknown to best-seller. It’s not only an entertaining story, but it could work for you!

photo of Mike Orenduff

Mike Orenduff

The Opioid Crisis Facing America

Former FBI Agent, Terry L. Kerns, served as an FBI Field Division Supervisor and Evidence Team Leader during her time with the agency. At present, Kerns is the Opioid Coordinator with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office. A contributor to the Microbial Forensics textbook (Academic Press 2019), she has just been awarded a federal grant which will fund statewide expansion and response to the opioid crisis in the state of Nevada. She will present a detailed overview of the current opioid crisis that has taken so many lives in our country in recent times.

photo of Terry L. Kerns

Terry L. Kerns