Writing Competition Winners 2019

Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of the 2019 PSWA Writing Competition winners.


Fiction Book, Published
First Place Joe Porrazzo Deliberate Deception
Second Place Danny Smith Echo Killers
Third Place Kate Flora Schooled in Death
Honorable Mention Kathy McIntosh Murder, Sonoran Style
Fiction Book, Unpublished
First Place Janice Badal Witness
First Place C. W. Saari Prime Impact
Second Place Gregory Renz Beneath the Flames
Third Place Mar Preston Accident
Honorable Mention George Cramer Liberty
Non-Fiction Book, Published
First Place Adam Plantinga Police Craft
Second Place Sara Cortez Tired, Hungry, Standing in One Spot for Twelve Hours
Third Place Robert Bryan  Dark Knights 3
Honorable Mention  C. K. Roberts  Call Me Trooper
Non-Fiction Book, Unpublished
First Place Pete Klismet and Clarissa Cole Profiling Violent Crime
Second Place J. Andre Boles The Monster
Third Place Joseph Haggerty  The Witness Room
Short Story, Published
First Place Quinton Peterson Knight Moves
First Place Susan Tuttle Hydro-synth
Second Place Danny Smith Exhuming Her Honor
Third Place Vinnie Hansen Miscalculation
Honorable Mention Danny Smith In the City of Crosses
Short Story, Unpublished
First Place Joseph Haggerty Hurricanes of Life
Second Place Keith Bettinger Murder by Alimony
Third Place Susan Tuttle Under the Oaks
Honorable Mention Gerald Martin What’s in Your Tank?
Flash Fiction, Published
First Place Susan Tuttle Figment
Flash Fiction, Unpublished
First Place J. Andrew Boles The Night Invader
Second Place Susan Tuttle The Cab Driver
Third Place Joseph Haggerty Treasured Love
Honorable Mention Barbara Lloyd Mall Santa
Creative Non-fiction, Technical, Published
Third Place John Bellah LAPD Motorcade
Creative Non-fiction, Technical, Unpublished
First Place John Bellah Howie
Creative Non-fiction, Non-technical, Published
First Place Alf Edwards
Virgil Alexander
Wild and Wooly Days of a Miami Town Marshal
Second Place Keith Bettinger Who Received the Gift of Christmas?
Third Place Keith Bettinger Merry Christmas–You’re Dead
Creative Non-fiction, Non-technical, Unpublished
First Place Rena Winters Southwest Adventure
Second Place John Bellah Yew Kin Run–But Yew Cain’t Hide
Third Place Vanessa Rutledge Hello?
Honorable Mention Keith Bettinger A Great Partner
Honorable Mention R. Scott Decker Tradition of Crime
Poetry, Published
First Place John Tolley Sheep
Second Place Rena Winters Voting Privileges
Poetry, Unpublished
First Place Keith Bettinger The Mistress
Second Place Daniel Hudson Broken Windows
Third Place Joseph Haggerty Is It Enough?
Honorable Mention Keith Bettinger No Need for My Gun