Writing Contest 2011 Winners

Grand Prize

Ellen Kirschman I Love a Cop


Non-Fiction Book Published

Ellen Kirschman I Love a Cop First Place


Fiction Book Non-Published

Ellen Kirschman Burying Ben First Place
Holli Castillo Jambalaya Justice First Place
W.S. Gager A Case of Hometown Blues Second Place
Kurt Kamm Code Blood Third Place
Janet L. Greger She Didn’t Know Her Place Honorable Mention


Fiction Book Published

John Wills Targeted First Place
Holli Castillo Gumbo Justice First Place
Carolyn J. Rose Hemlock Lake Second Place
J. Michael Orenduff The Pot Thief Who Studied Einstein Third Place


Non-Fiction Creative Non-Technical

Dave Cropp “Inspiration” First Place
Dave Cropp “Books & Practicum” Second Place
John Wills “When a Cop is Shot” Third Place
Michelle Perin “Policing the Left” Honorable Mention


Non-Fiction Creative Technical

John Bellah “Los Angeles Sheriff 2010 Vehicle Tests” First Place
John Bellah “Surviving your Off-Duty Hours” Second Place
Nelson Andreu “Serial Killers-A Homicide Detective’s Take” Third Place
John Wills “Warriors in High Heels” Honorable Mention

Flash Fiction

John Wills “The Chat Room” First Place
Kathleen Ryan “Heat of Passion” Second Place
Kathleen Ryan “Beholden” Third Place



John Madinger Junkie’s Psalm First Place
Joseph B. Haggerty Sr. Flatbacking Second Place
John Wills End of Watch Third Place
John Wills “Words” Honorable Mention



Johnny Russell The Rise First Place
Jerry L. Jennings Fishtown First Place
John Edward Flynt Esperancia Second Place
Jerry L. Jennings The Magician’s Knot Third Place


Fiction Short Story

John Wills “The Nightstand” First Place
Quintin Peterson “The Kingsley Affair” Second Place
John “Jack” Miller “An Urge to Kill” Third Place
John Bray “Cold Initiation” Honorable Mention


Non-Fiction Training Manual

John Madinger Money Laundering First Place


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